What is a Forever Stamp?

Our Forever Stamp FAQ & Guide

So, What is a Forever Stamp?

The Forever Stamp is a non-denominated postal stamp, sold by the USPS for use on a first-class letter weighing one ounce or less. A Forever Stamp is sold at the current rate for first-class postage, but the stamp is valid for first-class postage now or at anytime in the future, regardless of the current price for first-class postage.

When will the Forever Stamp be available?

The Forever Stamp went on sale April 12, 2007.

How much does a Forever Stamp Cost?

See our current Forever Stamp Value page.

Why should I purchase a Forever Stamp?

Purchasing a Forever Stamp allows the consumer to use the stamp now or at anytime in the future, regardless of future increases in postage. Two of the attractions for purchasing this stamp, are 1) locking in the current rate of postage, hedging yourself against inflation and future postal rate increases, and 2) the convenience of avoiding having to purchase supplemental postage to offset older (denominated) stamps which are no longer valid due to increases in postage rates.

Are nondenominated stamps or ā€œGā€ stamps Forever Stamps?

No. Nondenominated stamps, stamps without a price, are issued during transitional periods when the final approved price is unknown. The USPS has a guide where the denominational value of these stamps is listed. The denominational value of Forever Stamps are designed to be equivalent to the current first-class rate.

Are semipostal stamps Forever Stamps?

Semipostals, sometimes called charity or philanthropic stamps, are first-class stamps sold at a premium, with the difference in price donated to a particular charity. These stamps are valid for first-class mail regardless of any rate change.